Wanted - Your Pictures Of A Changing Africa

Wanted – Your Pictures Of A Changing Africa

Have you noticed how social media is changing the way news is gathered? With the advent of Twitter, Facebook and all manner of other digital platforms, it is the citizen on the ground that is in the right place at the right time when news is breaking. They are the ones with the story and with the smartphone that can be used to take impressive digital pictures and HD video of events as they unfold. They are the ones who covertly record stories of powerful public interest. And then once it has been captured, add a few words of blurb, press a button and viola! It’s published for the whole world to see. And if it is a major event, it goes viral. The man in the street has become the journalist. The eye witness at the centre of events before the professionals have even been able to hail down a taxi to get them to the action. That is now. Who’s to say where this is going to go.

So here’s the thing. If the person on the ground can capture stories of the moment, in real time, couldn’t they do the same thing in a more thought out and planned way?

We want your stories of business and enterprise across Africa. We want photo essays and HD video (High Definition…if possible) of the changes taking place across the continent at a grass roots level. Things that impress you whenever you go home. Things that have impressed your relatives. A new hairdressing school that has been set up, a small scale factory turning out bespoke furniture, a small supermarket outlet, a training centre teaching computer skills, a  construction project creating new homes, roads where there were none, new businesses that have surprised you, training ventures which have skilled up young people. Stories that can be told in video, pictures and words of the changing face of Africa.

So the next time you go to Africa, use your digital camera or video to tell a story. Become part of the change. Tell the story of positive changes that are happening, but also changes that should be happening. Strong human interest stories of where business and enterprise is changing people’s lives.

If it is something that fits in with our editorial, we’d love to run it. Of course our editorial decision will be final as you’d expect. What are you waiting for?

PS: It will be an even bigger bonus if the business or enterprise was set up by someone from the diaspora…..even if they had a role within it, after all, that’s who we are trying to inspire.