Why The Diaspora Will Never Give Up Their Western Passports.

Why The Diaspora Will Never Give Up Their Western Passports.

For Africans on the continent, establishing partnerships with the diaspora in western countries has some very tangible benefits. For one their passport. The value of this microchip containing booklet cannot be underestimated, and if you’ve ever had to apply for a visa, you will understand, the heartache, difficulty and the drain on time the process of acquiring one can be.

The British passport, or EU passport is one  of the most versatile documents in the world. It allows freedom of travel across the European Union, where you just walk through passport control, and relative ease of access to the USA  by simply filling in an  Electronic System for Travel Authorisization (ESTA).

With the British passport, holders can visit 173 countries in the world with little more than a nod. It is freedom of travel at a level that people who do not have one can only dream of.

It is at the end of the day for the African diaspora, a gift, acquired through an accident of birth. However the privilege of the passport holds the key to greater access to  finance, technology and know how on a global scale through partnerships with progression-minded individuals on the continent who want to build businesses and enterprising ventures.

Image credit: Christopher Elison, British passport, European money, CC BY