Africa's Natural Resources At A Glance. Blessing or Curse?

Africa’s Natural Resources At A Glance. Blessing or Curse?

Africa is the second largest continent in the world with an abundance of natural resources. For many of the continent’s economies, natural resources have been the largest contributors. Whether they represent a development opportunity for the countries who have them still remains to be seen, as for many commentators, what should be a blessing is seen as a curse because of the industrial scale corruption they spawn.

The graphic below gives a snapshot of the extent of the opportunities created by Africa’s resources for some countries. History shows though, that it is not just having the resources that matter, but also the know how to be able to transform them into wealth, an area the continent is beginning to focus on more closely.

For Africa’s diaspora, the opportunity to upskill in resource management, extractive industries, agriculture and land management is immense as only a fraction of Africa’s natural resources have been exploited to date.

Image credit: jbdodane, Iron ore train, Liberia, CC BY NC