Is Africa's Destiny In It's Own Hands?

Is Africa’s Destiny In It’s Own Hands?

Can Africa ever be truly in charge of it’s own destiny? Will Africans ever have the wisdom to be able to chart the continent’s future direction by themselves? In a world of high level and complex negotiations, contracts and infrastructure development in exchange for resources, there are some who believe that the continent always comes off worse.

Ali Mufuruki gives his thoughts on Africa’s position in a globalised world. Can a continent ever be truly in charge when it does not know how much of it’s resources are in the ground? How to extract them without the use of technology it did not develop? Does not set the price of those commodities and has no mechanism to push them up the value chain? After all, the first colonists built palatial buildings, created railways and infrastructure, what was to happen next were decades of servitude and under development.

Is history repeating itself? It is the continent once again exchanging it’s wealth for trinkets?

Image credit: Brad Ruggles, CC BY NC-SA