African Drones: Cutting Edge Business Opportunity?

African Drones: Cutting Edge Business Opportunity?

Drone technology is changing the way we see the world and is creating new businesses. AfricanskyCAM is one such venture. According to their website, they are  a winner of the African News Innovation Challenge and have set up an enterprise to revolutionise frontline news reporting using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Their first drone journalism team is based in Kenya and it is hoped that the business will expand across the continent.

Drones are relatively inexpensive and have the potential to provide stunning images of the landscape and environment. The biggest  global issue at the moment with the technology is establishing a regulatory framework for their safe usage, particularly in relation to areas around civilian aircraft.

The top 10 uses for drones according to the Website Sensors & Systems include: Agriculture, Mines, Construction Sites, Infrastructure Inspection, Wildlife Research, Prospecting, Storm Tracking/Forecasting, Emergency Response, Environmental Monitoring and Search and Rescue.

To get the best out of this technology, you will need to be trained and there are a number of schools appearing for those members of the African diaspora in the USA and UK. For the moment though, people are teaching themselves a venture that can be quite expensive if the UAVs are damaged beyond repair.

It would also be an advantage to really understand the technology and how to maintain, and repair the drones, which is a business opportunity in itself

Image credit: Kelsie DiPerna, CC BY