African Enterprise Investor (AEI) is a forum for the African diaspora and friends of Africa.  It focuses on discussing development issues, commenting on African business news and investing skills, knowledge, technology, talent and finance in small and medium sized enterprises, and institutions to accelerate African development. Its exploration of news, views, commentary and opinion of all aspects of African development is designed to motivate individuals to create a 21st century society for Africans. Through case studies, it aims to publish exciting and inspirational stories about members of the African diaspora who have created businesses, social enterprises,  invested skills and knowledge in educational initiatives, or institutions through their own efforts or partnerships with people on the ground, and more importantly, how they did it. From raising capital, to securing premises and even traveling there for the very first time. The objective is to create a shared forum to learn about development, it’s history and the issues facing the continent and what individuals can do to play a part in its transformation.

African Enterprise Investor does not offer investment advice. None of its editorial team are qualified to do so. The blog is simply a forum to present case studies and discuss issues of interest to the development of Africa.

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